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50 cose da fare in Kenya


Se stai cercando un’esperienza avventurosa, allora hai tutte le ragioni per visitare il Kenya. Con una ricchezza ineguagliabile di fauna selvatica e oltre quaranta culture diverse, il Kenya ti vizia con una moltitudine di opportunità. Goditi il tempo soleggiato tutto l’anno mentre esplori le bellezze naturali del paese. Messi insieme per voi. Oltre a quello che puoi fare con i nostri safari, ecco altre 50 attività in Kenya.

Rafting sul fiume Tana (Sagana)

Questa è l’attività più rilassante dopo un’impegnativa esperienza di escursionismo e arrampicata in montagna. Il fiume Tana è vicino al monte Kenya e ha le rapide più emozionanti del paese. La deriva ti darà anche la possibilità di vedere alcune specie di uccelli spettacolari. Siate pronti per 4 ore di avventura e di divertimento nelle acque torbide.


Se pensavi che i parchi nazionali kenioti fossero ricchi, devi ancora vedere quelli nascosti nelle profondità dell’Oceano Indiano. Prova l’adrenalina di trovarti faccia a faccia con uno squalo e altre grandi creature acquatiche, l’emozione di essere nelle acque calde circondato da pesci colorati e la bellezza della barriera corallina. Se vuoi solo fare snorkeling, puoi farlo direttamente con noi.

Kite Surf

Combina l’arte di far volare un aquilone e il boarding, e avrai lo sport definitivo per gli amanti del brivido. Nessuna parola può descrivere l’eccitazione che deriva dall’essere spinti dagli alisei mentre si cerca di controllare l’aquilone sopra di sé, mentre si spera e si teme di essere trasportati in aria. Le lezioni per i principianti durano in media 3 ore.

Jet skiing (Diani)

Per coloro che preferiscono il loro divertimento ad alta velocità, Diani Beach è il luogo perfetto per sperimentare un nuovo mondo esilarante. Godetevi una vista diversa della spiaggia dal mare aperto. Che ne dite di incontrare decine di delfini e tartarughe giganti lungo la strada? Un Jet Ski safari dura 1 ora in un giorno normale.

Masai Mara Safari (Narok)

Con la sua bellezza paesaggistica, la sua aura e la sua varietà di selvaggina, il Masai Mara vi regalerà un autentico safari africano. Nessuna parola o immagine può trasmettere pienamente l’atmosfera di questa riserva. Avendo ospitato più di 90 specie di animali e più di 400 specie di uccelli, il Masai Mara è una delle più grandi destinazioni di fauna selvatica del mondo. I gatti del Masai Mara sono così spettacolari che sono protagonisti della serie Big Cat della BBC.

Arrampicata su roccia (Voi)

Ci sono molti luoghi di arrampicata su roccia in Kenya, ma nessuno può battere le affascinanti rocce del Parco Nazionale Tsavo. Arrampicati su una roccia di 300 metri mentre gli elefanti vagano sotto di te e falchi e aquile volteggiano sopra di te. Si dice che sia uno degli eventi di arrampicata su roccia più impegnativi, ma la vista dalla cima vale davvero lo sforzo.

Paragliding (Eldoret)

Paragliding in Kerio Valley is an opportunity to defy gravity and turn into an eagle for an hour or two. Fly in the simplest and most beautiful way as you look at the landscape from a bird’s view. To get the most bang for your back, time your trip between January and April since that is when the winds are strongest.

Skydiving (Diani)

I cannot think of anything that is more thrilling than being dropped from 3000 meter above the beach. Diani is the only place where the weather is perfect for skydiving almost throughout the year, and every fall is a beach fall. As you fall towards the fantastic view below you, you will feel your heart beating faster and the adrenaline rush through your body. Don’t let this distract you from smiling for the camera!

Visiting Fort Jesus (Lamu)

Built by the Portuguese in 1593, Fort Jesus is Mombasa’s history hub. With meter thick walls, ancient Portuguese graffiti and Arabic writing, Fort Jesus is a must see for any history lover. Explore battlements, gun turrets and houses hidden within the walls. The Fort also hosts a spectacular show portraying how the Fort changed hands over the decades. This day tour will teach you all you need to know.

Tour in Gede Ruins (Malindi)

Explore an ancient Swahili town hidden by a tropical forest on the Kenyan coast. This mystical town has been captivating many visitors since Sir John Kirk’s visit in 1884. The development and abandonment of the town leaves many people bewildered. From the mosque to the coral brick houses to the idyllic location, the town is nothing short of amazing. A tour around the ruins takes two hours. You want to go there ? Just ask us.

Take a dhow trip to Wasini Island (Mombasa)

Lying on a five square kilometer area south of Mombasa is the popular and pristine Wasini Island. The trip is lined with dolphins, the Shimoni caves full of history and ancient Swahili villages. Enjoy a tasty meal by the ocean after a session of snorkeling. 1 Day Wasini Island Dolphin tour

Mombasa Marine National Park (Malindi)

Interact with sea horses, sea urchins, crabs and lots of other fascinating sea creatures at the marine park. Divers and snorkelers get a chance to see them up-close and personal while those who can’t get into the water see the sea friends from the boat. 1 Day Wasini Island Dolphin tour

Nomad Beach Bar & Restaurant (Diani)

The Nomad Beach Bar will give you a warm welcome after a busy day. Enjoy a delicious meal, a cocktail at the beach and party the night away under the stars. The beach bar and the music will make you wish the night could last longer.

Climb Mount Kenya

For those who love the thrill that comes from climbing on rock, ice and snow, this should be on your bucket list. Mt Kenya is Africa’s second highest mountain and has been named the most challenging climb. It is where the world’s best climbers test their skills. The average climber will likely reach point Lenana in 48 hours and descend in 36 hours. If you are aiming higher, you had better bring your A game. Join 5 day expedition for the real Mt Kenya experience.

Eat in a cave (Diani Beach)

Crazy as it sounds, having dinner in a cave is an unforgettable experience. along Diani beach is a place that leaves a mark in everyone’s memory. The restaurant mainly serves seafood and steak but vegetarian dishes can be made at the customer’s request. The main part of the cave is open, literally making it dinner under the stars. Add a bottle of fine wine and a loved one and you have everyone’s dream evening.

Wildebeest migration

You have probably seen lions, elephants and cheetahs in your local zoo. You have probably seen a wildebeest too. But I doubt you have seen over a million of them in a rush to close a river while numerous crocodiles prey on them. Occurring between July and October, this event between the Maasai Mara in Kenya and Serengeti National Park in Tanzania is so spectacular that it was named the seventh wonder of the world as well as the “world cup of wildlife.”

Big five snake safari (Watamu)

The organizes snake safaris for the strong-willed reptile lovers to interact with the snakes on riverbanks, trees and rocky cliffs. A group of experts leads the safari which can take up to five nights. You get a chance to catch pythons, cobras, puff adders and other members of the big five.

Bungee jumping (Sagana)

This is not for the faint hearted or the nervous souls, it is for the real adrenaline junkies. Throw yourself from a 60-meter tower into the brown Sagana River and experience a thrill you have never felt before. One thing for sure, your screams of fear and excitement will be heard from a mile away.

Watch and eat crocodiles (Mombasa)

Whether you have seen crocodiles on your safari or not, the Mamba village is a must see. East Africa’s largest crocodile farm gives you an opportunity to see the predators from close range, especially their aggressiveness during feeding time. Find out what grilled crocodile meat tastes like.

Go-karting (Mombasa)

If you have children, they will definitely love the famous Mombasa go-karts. If you don’t then this would be your chance to discover whether you are a child at heart. Take an hour to drive a small four wheeled car around a track in a wonderful tropical garden.

Zip Lining (Sagana)

On a harness attached to a cable (30ft above the ground), you will be propelled by gravity between two points across the Machakos People’s Park or an waterfall! You will have the option of choosing between the 200m or 300m long cable. The speeds vary depending on how you’d like to enjoy your ride. No where else in Kenya will you find a zipline this long, this high and integrated into a truly spectacular park setting.

Take a walk in Mombasa Old town (Mombasa)

With its ancient architecture, cultural diversity, tapered streets, and finely carved doors, Mombasa Old town is packed with history that takes the visitors through a series of events. A comprehensive tour takes three hours. There are no dull moments here.

Participate in the Rhino Charge

The Rhino Charge is an exciting competition where participants drive a 4×4 on the most unforgiving and roughest terrains that Kenya has to offer. The funds collected go towards conservation of the endangered black rhino. Competitors are required to complete the circuit within 10 hours. The location is never disclosed until two days to the event. Support a great cause all while having a great time.

Foster an elephant (Nairobi)

The David Shedrick Wildlife Trust was created for baby elephants who are orphaned mainly because of the brutal ivory trade. Get an opportunity to watch the elephants being bottle-fed and learn how they got there. The best time to visit is around 11.00 am. You can also foster a baby elephant at the cost of $50 and above. Show your love at the haven for orphaned elephants.

Hot air ballooning (Narok)

A hot air balloon ride comes with excitement regardless of the setting, but taking one over the beautiful landscape of Maasai Mara is simply breathtaking. Fly early in the morning to see the spectacular sunrise and the animals. The flight coves 15 to 25 kilometers and normally takes one hour. If there is something you have to do once in a lifetime, this should be it.

Flying in Ol Malo (Nanyuki)

Enjoy Laikipia’s beauty from a helicopter flight. This will allow you to see the land’s hidden gems and an entirely different view before you are taken to a campsite in the middle of the jungle. Swoop low over meandering rivers, herds of elephants and through valleys.

Horseback safari (Nanyuki)

Unleash the cowboy in you and gallop along wild animals in Ol Donyo Lodge. Three hours on the saddle guarantee you thousands of acres on the beautiful landscape while passing between herds of zebras. A little more patience and you’ll find yourself facing Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Sleep beneath the stars (Nanyuki)

If you think you have had your best night consider sleeping in the open while watching the bright African sky and listening to the roars of animals beneath you. Trail the Milky Way through the sky and watch the sun rising at Loisaba Star Beds while a Samburu warrior guards you. Sleep under the most beautiful canopy

Dinner in the Tamarind Dhow (Mombasa)

Have dinner in a sailing restaurant that has been made in a former cargo trading boat. Enjoy delicious Swahili seafood while moving smoothly under the starlit sky. You can then dance to the wonderful music played by the live band. The dinner cruise starts at 6.30pm and gets back to the jetty at 10.30pm.

Get married like the Maasai (Nanyuki)

A unique, memorable and out of the ordinary experience is what you will get if you decide to marry or remarry in Maasai culture. Become a warrior and have Maasai warriors assist you to capture your bride. Complete with cultural food and dressing, the event is simply unforgettable.

Karen Blixen Museum (Nairobi)

The farm that was the home of the famed Out of Africa author, Karen Blixen, between 1914 and 1931 is now a museum that takes you through her life as well as a reflection of old-day Kenya. The open is only 30 minutes away from Nairobi and is open from 9am to 6pm. If you loved the book, you will definitely love a tour of the museum.

Drink a cold tusker

Don’t leave Kenya before you drink an ice cold tusker. After walking and hiking in the sun, you will definitely appreciate a bottle of chilled local beer. Or two. If you are looking for authentically Kenyan beer then tusker is it.

Ride in a matatu

There are no words that can explain the experience of using public transport in Kenya. With graffiti, neon lights and loud music, the Kenyan public transport is like some sort of a club. This is a ride that will stick in your memory forever.

High rope challenge (Rongai)

This is for the thrill seekers and those who like overcoming challenges. Walk on ropes, cables and logs set high above the ground at the Diguna high rope course. Test your courage, strength and balance here.

Camp in Shimba hills (Kwale)

If you are looking for an elephant and antelope oriented camp, Shimba Hills will not disappoint. Sleep in a tent or RV while listening to the sounds of the night. If you are an early bird, you will catch a trail of elephants in search of food and water.

Camel safari (Nanyuki)

Join a camel train and tour the vast wilderness of Sabuk Lodge while being guided by a Samburu warrior. Experience excitement and anticipation as you come across lions, buffaloes and elephants along the way. The sound of Ewaso Nyiro River completes the feeling of oneness with the surroundings. You can choose to go on a half day excursion or the full day.

Hiking at Hell’s Gate National Park (Naivasha)

The name might sound scary but the experience is quite the opposite. Hell’s Gate is one of the few parks in which you can walk alongside zebras, gazelles and elands among other animals. A hike in the park takes 4-6 hours. The scenery is decorated with rugged landscape, gorges, and hot water streams. The scenery is so spectacular that it inspired several Hollywood movies. Camping areas are available where you can pitch a tent or park your RV.

Feeding giraffes (Nairobi)

The Giraffe Centre located in Nairobi combines the serious protection of the endangered Rothschild’s giraffe with fascinating activities. Visitors are allowed to interact with the giraffes through observation, hand feeding and even kissing. You can also catch a glimpse of warthogs and birds.

Flamingo watching (Nakuru)

I cannot think of anything that is better than watching a lake being turned into a mass of moving pink. Hundreds of thousands of spectacular birds flock the salt water lakes in the Kenyan Rift Valley every year creating an unmatchable spectacle. Lake Nakuru is turned into candy-land as flamingos and hundreds of other bird species blanket its surface. The best time to catch this immense beauty is between April and June.

Ride an ostrich (Nairobi)

The brings you as close to an ostrich as possible. None of your friends will believe you when you tell them that you spent 30 minutes riding on the back of an ostrich. As if that is not good enough, you get to eat one. You can relax in a thatched makuti or by the pool and enjoy a delicacy of ostrich meat.

Deep sea fishing (Mombasa)

There is immense excitement and feeling of accomplishment that comes from reeling a giant fish, both for beginners and seasoned pros. Marlin and the acrobatic sailfish are the most common in the deep waters of Mombasa, and you can be sure that the experience is nothing short of spectacular. A fishing trip takes 4-8 hours. Some of the world’s fishing records have been set and broken in these same waters.

Shop at Maasai market (Nairobi)

If you have excellent bargaining skills, you should definitely try the cultural artifacts at Maasai market. From clothing to shields to ornaments, you will find a piece of Kenya to take back home at the Maasai market. You can find it at the High Court parking on weekends.

Tour Nairobi

The green city under the sun may not always get the best reputation, but it is well worth a tour. Given that it is the only capital city with a national park, there are endless activities for everyone in Nairobi. A weekend is enough to see what it has to offer.

Cruise on Lake Naivasha (Naivasha)

With over 400 bird species and a local oncologist to help you identify them, Lake Naivasha is exciting in a unique way. Cruise on a boat and meet hippos and other animals in the lake. The main spectacle is watching an eagle swoop low to catch fish out of the ocean.

Play golf in the Great Rift Valley (Naivasha)

Test your golf skills in an entirely different exciting environment. The has an 18-hole golf course where play is combined with bird and game watching.

Visit the cradle of mankind (Turkana)

The area around cannot be compared to any other place on the planet. With the rocky landscape, crocodile filled lake, volcanoes and remoteness, the cradle of mankind is worth the tiring excursion. Get to see the largest human fossil in the world at Koobi Fora.

Lake Victoria (Kisumu)

This is another less crowded gem hidden in western Kenya. It serves as a border between Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda as well as the source of Africa’s largest river. There is enough fish in the lake to serve the three countries and the daybreak here is unforgettable.

Challenge yourself at Thomson falls (Nyahururu)

Thomson falls in Nyahururu provides a wonderful view from the top into the falls and the rugged landscape surrounding it. If you have what it takes, walk to the bottom of the fall and hike back up. This usually takes 30 minutes. Beware of the playful monkeys on the track.

Dinning at Carnivore Restaurant (Nairobi)

The restaurant’s specialty is meat, with an option of choosing between an all-you-can-eat lunch or dinner in a garden setting. They have a variety of juicy meats roasted over a charcoal fire including Ostrich, Crocodile, Camel and Venison depending on what’s available locally, served alongside beef, lamb, pork and chicken. Delicious side dishes which complete this African cuisine includes salads, soups, vegetable dishes and authentic sauces as well as desserts and Kenyan coffee.
The experience works on a simple all-you-can-eat basis: as long as the paper flag on your table is flying, beautifully attired waiters will keep bringing the meat, which is carved right at the table.

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