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Mount Kenya


Mount Kenya at 5199 m is the second highest mountain in Africa after Kilimanjaro. Located directly on the equator, it offers a large number of ascent routes. It has 3 main peaks (Batian 5199m, Nelion 5188m, Lenana 4985m). The volcanic towers Batian (5199m) and Nelion (5189m) majestically tower over a giant mountain with glacier fields and lush vegetation. Lenana is the "hiking summit" while Batian and Nelion have to be climbed. The visitor can expect several beautiful national park routes to the peaks and above all only moderate to very low visitor flow (compared to Kilimanjaro). At the right seasons there is the possibility of real pleasure walks through unspoilt landscapes, characterized by 5 vegetation zones. The Mt Kenya massif has been declared a Unesco World Heritage Site for its scenic beauty, unique flora and fauna. Mt Kenya has a base of 120 km with enjoyable climbs and great hiking routes in afro-alpine rainforest, moor forests and moor regions with tussock grass, lobelia and Senecia. Who avoids the demanding climbing on the twin peaks should climb the simple Pt. Lenana (4985m) and look into the fertile plains around the mountain or the wide deserts in the north in clear weather.

The ascent of Mt. Kenya (Pt. Lenana) does not place high demands on every participant in terms of mountaineering skills, but in return in terms of altitude tolerance and endurance. Their height tolerance cannot be enforced, only promoted by the slowest possible adjustment. The walking time is approx. 5 - 8 hours (on the summit day usually between 12 and 14 hours) in extremely different terrain formations. You will encounter mud, thickets, riverbeds, rocks and boulders. Due to rain the terrain is partly wet and slippery. You must be in excellent physical condition to complete this tour. Both the daily route and the vertical meters to overcome are not unusual. Before starting your trip, you should consult a doctor and have a thorough examination, as the effort and high altitude of this tour is very stressful for your heart and circulation. You will be accompanied by a local guide whose only task is to show you the right way. The guides are not mountain guides in the European sense, but they are extremely experienced Mt Kenya climbers. The ability to make independent decisions when climbing is required. As is usual among mountaineers, your companionable help with camp life is expected as a contribution to the success of the mountain tour.
Your luggage (max. 12kg) is carried by porters. For your personal belongings (changing clothes, camera etc.) you need a backpack with approx. 35l volume.
The ascent of the highest peak of Mt. Kenya, Batian 5199m, is technically very demanding. The ascent via the northern standard route includes a 10 hour climb over 1100m with a degree of difficulty of up to 6+ and should be undertaken between July and September. The same applies to a 6-hour climb over 700m to the Nelion 5188m, the second highest peak.

You will find a climate that is extremely well tolerated by Europeans; it is one of the best in the world. The selected period should be July to September. Nevertheless, fog, rain and, in higher regions, snowfall are to be expected in the period from July to September. Depending on the altitude, temperatures can vary between 30°C and -10°C (summit area Pt. Lenana). Pleasant day temperatures of up to 15°C at an altitude of 4000m usually drop below freezing point at night! Climbing Mt Kenya means passing through tropical to almost arctic climates within a few days. In the rainy season it is most likely get rain and snow, in any case bad weather.



Diani Beach, Kenya


Humidity: 80%

Wind: 20 km/h

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    Thunderstorms 30°C 25°C

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    Thunderstorms 31°C 25°C

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